hydrogen output

Mobile & Military Applications

This product is designed to be a packaged integrated system with the ability to produce usable hydrogen for the developed Tactical Fuel Cell power plant and other hydrogen dependant devices from three different feedstocks.

Additionally the hydrogen reformer has the ability to take the produced hydrogen and replenish the hydrogen storage unit that is currently a part of the Tactical Fuel Cell power plant. Efforts are in place to manufacture the reformation module into a tactical case to be delivered as a total solution.

Ex-FOB Hybrid Conguration w/ Hydrogen Bio-Reformer

At a military forward base, one of the greatest attributes equipment must have is ease of transport and setup. The bio-reformation product is being integrated into a complete system built into a tactical case with a simple user interface. The net result is reduced dependence on expensive transported fuels by using locally available, lower cost feedstocks to produce hydrogen and electricity.

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