hydrogen output

Hydrogen Production for Backup Power

A simplified process flow diagram of the bio-reformer:

This product directly supports the DoD’s application request for these primary reasons:

  1. Direct high purity hydrogen production from variety of feed stocks fuels.
    • a. Hydrocarbon fuels e.g. Methanol, Propane, JP-8
    • b. Fiber based waste, Solid hard waste, Animal waste
    • c. Corn Stock, Wheat, Grasses and Forest products
  2. No CO, CO2 or other greenhouse gas by-products (green process), CO2 is sequestered as Na2CO3
  3. One step reaction (making reformer design simpler)
  4. No need for additional H2 purication processing steps [Gas shift and Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA)] as required by other reforming approaches (steam reforming, auto thermal reforming, partial oxidation, etc.)
  5. Low cost hydrogen production
  6. Scalable down to sizes appropriate for localized production (eliminates expensive distribution)
  7. Low temperature reaction makes materials of construction less expensive & results in smaller overall size
  8. The processes can be scaled up, providing opportunities

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