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ETI's Newest Facility in Mansfield Ohio

Energy Technologies, Inc.(ETI), established in 1991, is a privately held electronics and technology manufacturing company which creates power products. ETI currently employs about 70 people and operates from a 35,200 square foot manufacturing and engineering facility in Mansfield, Ohio. ETI has become a world leader in providing extremely reliable power backup and generation equipment to the defense, homeland security, industrial, medical, and telecom sectors.

Intelligent Products

Utilizing sophisticated electronics and network management protocols such as: SNMP, HTTP, Ethernet, Telnet and RS-232, ETI's products offer monitoring, management, and event logging both locally and remotely. This allows customers to connect and manage a diversified power network.

Rugged, Not Ruggedized

Most products sold in the rugged market start out as desktop or consumer products (Commercial Off The Shelf, “COTS”). Other vendors will attempt to “ruggedize” their product to compete in the rugged market. These COTS products usually fail due to temperature, mechanical shock or vibration because they were not designed to withstand these extremes. ETI’s products are designed rugged whether for COTS or full Mil Spec applications and are engineered to meet Military Environmental Standards. ETI’s products have successfully passed numerous tests including surviving vehicle mounted endurance tests in the notorious Aberdeen Belgium Block and the explosive charges in the Navy’s Barge tests.

ETI’s Clients Include:

Prime Contractors: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, L3 Communications and numerous others
Industrial Firms: Bayer, GE Wind Energy, Honeywell, Lyondell-Citgo, Miller Brewing, Texas Instrument, Union Carbide and many others
• Federal Agencies: US Navy, US Marine Corps., US Coast Guard, US Air Force, US Army, NATO, FBI, State Department, NSA and GSA

For more information on Energy Technologies, Inc, please visit our main website: www.RuggedSystems.com.
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